Emmerdale boss hints at Kim Tate's new targets as her return nears 1 year ago

Emmerdale boss hints at Kim Tate's new targets as her return nears

Kim Tate is going to have one thing on her mind when she makes her return to Ememrdale: revenge.

The character, played by Claire King, made a brief return in October last year, before she was put behind bars.

But with her permanent return confirmed to take place later this month, it looks like there's going to be a whole lot of drama when Kim returns to the village.

Now, showrunner Kate Oates told Metro that Kim is going to have "a lot of old scores to settle" when she returns to the village later this year.

She also dropped a few hints about who those "old scores" will be with, and what fans can expect once the Emmerdale villain comes back.

And it isn't looking too good for some fan favourites.

Kate continued:

"We’ve still got the fall out of the Joe and Graham, and obviously Kim’s coming back as well, which is going to be huge. There’s a lot of things to tie up.

"Obviously we discovered that Faith was the one who pushed her from the balcony, so there’s a lot of animosity between Debbie and Kim. And the Dingles as a whole really.

"Cain as well gets caught up in the whole Kim/Graham, toxic relationship. So there’s loads of fallout from that, and Moira inadvertently ends up getting caught up in the crossfire.

"‘So yes, there will be lots of stuff with Cain and Graham, that all kicks off when Kim returns to the village and causes more mayhem. So he gets very much involved in all of that. He’s going to be pretty busy, him and Moira."

Claire King initially reprised her role as the iconic character for just one week of episodes. However, following her stint last year, it was confirmed she would be back on the soap full-time.

The actress said:

"You knew she wasn't going to go away quietly, so I'm so pleased to announce Kim will be back. It's been great fun keeping it under wraps but now she can really get down to business!"