Emmerdale fans think they've figured out how Liv will take down Maya 10 months ago

Emmerdale fans think they've figured out how Liv will take down Maya


Last night, something beautiful happened.

No, not the end of climate change. No, not the airing of the final ever episode of Game of Thrones.Β 

This was something more important. Something divine, something incredible, something we - the humble soap viewer - has been eagerly anticipating for months.

Maya got caught having sex with Jacob.


The pair were caught rapid last night by Jacob's girlfriend, Liv, who stalled it over to Jacob's house to question why the teenager didn't want to have sex with her.

It turns out, he wasn't interested because he was having sex with someone else - Maya, his teacher, the paedophile.

Viewers were understandably delighted by the scenes as Liv confronted the pair about what was going on, leading Jacob to eventually admitting the affair.

But rather than freaking out and calling the police like any normal person would do, Liv decides to try and blackmail Maya for some money in return for keeping their relationship a secret.

Totally believable reaction, yeah.

However, Emmerdale viewers were convinced that Liv had a little something else up her sleeve - most notably her phone where she was hopefully recording the entire conversation.

Others, however, were concerned that that wasn't what happened at all, and that Liv didn't record the conversation, meaning that she doesn't have any proof of the whole scenario.

Grim, if true.

This is Emmerdale though, and we don't deal in sense here. We deal in what's going to make this storyline drag on for as long as possible.

And in this case, it's going to be Liv not telling anyone what she heard for a long time.