Emmerdale have revealed what actually happened to Maya Stepney 4 years ago

Emmerdale have revealed what actually happened to Maya Stepney

Well, OK then.

Emmerdale have finally revealed what actually happened to Maya Stepney after her showdown in the woods with Leyla Harding, Tracy Metcalfe and Priya Kotecha.

Despite hints that the teacher may have been killed after the truth about her and Jacob Gallagher came to light, it turns out that Maya is, in fact, alive.

Yes, really.

After Leyla "confessed" to Jacob that she had killed Maya, Tuesday night's dramatic double bill revealed what really went down in the woods.

The trio forced Maya into the car after the Big Night Out, and continued to grow more and more frustrated as she denied grooming Jacob.

But on the way back to the village, Maya jumped out of the car and injured herself - which led to the other three women having to go into the woods looking for her.

Once they tracked her down, Maya confessed the truth about her relationship with Jacob - leaving Leyla, Tracy and Priya disgusted.


She then appeared to lose consciousness, seemingly from the injuries she sustained leaping from the car. However, it turned out to be a fake-out - and she made a run for it.

Leyla caught up to Maya and the pair had a vicious fight, which ended with her hitting the teacher over the head with a rock.

After Maya tumbled down into a ravine, a panicking Leyla lied and told Priya and Tracy that she had escaped. She urged them to drive back to the village and to not tell anyone what had happened that evening.

Annnnd this is where the viewers found out what actually happened to Maya.

As the three women left, Maya was woken up by her ringing mobile phone. It was Jacob, who hadn't gone to Portugal. to be with his family like everyone had thought.

The pair were reunited in a bathroom in an unnamed location, where Maya filled him in on what had happened that evening. Jacob promised her he'd keep her safe, suggesting they run away together.


Horrified Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter following the big reveal.