Emmerdale viewers to get seven episodes a week as Maya and Jacob storyline ramps up 1 year ago

Emmerdale viewers to get seven episodes a week as Maya and Jacob storyline ramps up

Exciting times ahead.

Or harrowing ones. Who among us can truly say for sure?

Emmerdale has been on it lately. Like, truly on it. Not only has the soap provided us with hours upon hours (days, even) of grooming storyline horror, but they've also been killing it in terms of that whole audience-threatening-to-stop-watching-the-show-even-though-they-never-will vibe.

Which historically has been reserved for Coronation Street so fair play to them.

As we all know and are therefore delighted about, the Dales' Maya and Jacob storyline is finally winding to a close. 

This month, the paedophile will go on a night out with some of the other Emmerdale gals and loads of bad things will happen.

And while it has not yet been completely confirmed that one of these things will be Maya getting caught, she plays a big part in the night out, so we can go ahead and presume she will be.

Before that though, we've got a whole lot more of Jacob ending things, Maya enticing him back, and David being a total fool to look forward to.

So much of it, in fact, that there's going to be a whole seven episodes of the soap on for the next two weeks.

Intense? Unnecessary? Far too many? Maybe, but whatever, you know you'll be watching.

The extra episodes will come on Tuesday April 9 at 8pm, Tuesday, April 16 at 8pm and Tuesday, April 23 at 8pm, meaning that double bills will air both evenings.

Yes, both.

lisa dingle

Mark your calendars now. Or don't, go out and have fun outside of your home. Whichever you prefer.

It remains unclear right now as to how long these seven episode treats will continue for, but once the TV schedules for the following weeks are released, we'll know.

Because we'll have Googled it.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm and again at 8.30pm on Virgin Media One.