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14th Jun 2018

It’s all about to kick off for Daz in Emmerdale

Jade Hayden

He’s been going on a mad one lately.

A lot has happened in Daz Spencer’s life recently.

He’s had absolutely the poorest bedside manner. He’s been going down the pub and spilling all his secrets around the Dale.

He’s even had to look after a child that everyone thinks isn’t his own but really she is and now she’s gone missing.

Stressful situation all round.

Young Amelia’s new disappearance storyline is both “dark” and “shocking” (according to the people who wrote it), and it’s been mainly up to Daz to deal with that situation considering he’s been the one looking after her.

However, it’s only ever since Amelia found out that Daz is her biological dad that she’s been gone.

As well as this, police have absolutely been all over Daz asking him about her too so they must know something.

Things only went from bad to worse though when Daz dropped a confession on Kerry when he was having a few pints in the Woolshed.

A few weeks back, he revealed that he had an affair with Ali, Amelia’s mum who died offscreen recently, basically suggesting that yeah, he is Amelia’s father, and yeah, he might actually have something to do with her disappearance.


No only that but there’s been talk around the place that Daz’s character might be gearing up to leave the Dale altogether.

It remains to be seen as to whether this will be due to his heartbreak over his daughter going missing… or because he took her and he’s about to get found out and sent down life never to be seen again.

Future scenes will see police find some new evidence linking Daz to the crime though, so he’ll have to face up to what’s happened eventually.

Guess we’ll just have to tune in to find out what goes down.