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24th Aug 2023

Stacey Solomon admits she was ‘scared’ to reveal she was home alone with baby Belle

Jody Coffey

This is not something she should have to worry about.

Stacey Solomon, 33, has opened up to her followers about being ‘scared’ to talk about the fact she was recently home alone with her baby daughter Belle.

The TV personality admitted that she made a conscious decision not to mention that her husband, Joe Swash, was away in Spain with their older kids as well as their youngest daughter, Rose.

She explained to her 5.7 million Instagram followers that she kept this a secret for her own safety.

Joe, 41, had taken Zachary, Leighton, Rex, and Rose with him when he went to visit his mum in Spain, which is where she resides during the summer.

Although Stacey is usually an open book with her fans, she kept the trip on the down-low after fearing for her safety.

She took to her Instagram stories while filming herself getting ready to pick up her family from the airport.

Stacey explained that Joe wanted to take their kids out to see their grandmother in Spain, but they both didn’t feel confident with him taking all three, so they decided to ‘team up.’

“I kept Belle with me. She’s basically been coming everywhere with me for the last week, and I haven’t seen Rex and Rose for a whole week, but I didn’t say anything while they’re away because obviously it’s scary.

“I just think it’s scary if people know that it’s just me and Belle on our own at home together,” she admitted.

The former Loose Women panellist confessed that she ‘missed them so blooming much’ and was over the moon to be reuniting with her family.

We’re glad to hear all of Stacey’s Pickles are back home safe and sound!