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28th Mar 2016

Every Single Teenage Girl Should Watch This Body-Image Video

Sharyn Hayden

There is no stopping Caitlin Moran.

We are halfway through her fabulous new book, ‘Moranifesto’, and it is amazing.

She deals with politics, the gender divide, poverty, the world – in her own, inimitable ‘No Horse Shit, please’ way that the world so desperately needs.

And now, to teenage girls.

You remember being a teenage girl, don’t you?

For me, the upsides were finding out that I was a pretty good actress, a quick and witty writer, a determined student and a cool big sister to my three younger brothers.

The downsides were struggles with my body image, finding myself having to shout until I was hoarse to be heard in part-time work and school and fraught relationships with all the men in my life – father, bosses, boyfriends – as I sadly realised how bad they all were at treating women.

Oh but if I’d had someone like Caitlin Moran to guide me, particularly in the body image stakes.

I don’t remember anyone talking to us teenage girls in the way that we do now – where we reinforce that message that body changes are completely natural and that how you feel is way more important than how you look.

“Pretend you are your own baby”, Caitlin says in her new video, “You would never cut that baby or starve it or tell it it was worthless”

Brilliant, right? My daughter will receive these messages when she grows up, I am determined.

If you have a beautiful teenage daughter who is struggling now, this video may very well help you to guide them too. I hope it does.

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