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30th Nov 2018

Everyone was talking about this ‘ruthless’ moment on the Late Late Toy Show

The Late Late Toy Show is well and truly underway.

The Christmastime TV staple is taking on The Greatest Showman – and after Ryan’s opening number for the night and the first ‘one for everyone in the audience’, we met the first guest: Davy.

He made an impression with viewers straight off the bat, telling Ryan that his time testing toys on the stage better not go like it went in rehearsals.

Which made viewers absolutely adore him – and really, really want to know what actually happened during rehearsals.

Things seemed to be going relatively smooth afterwards – despite a bit of an…issue with Mary Poppins.

But when Ryan asked him what his favourite toy of the night had been, Davy had an absolutely brutal – but hilarious – answer.

“The one you forgot to bring out,” he told the host.

As the audience burst into laughter, Ryan tried to get Davy to tell him exactly which one it was…and that didn’t go too much better, either.

He asked Ryan:

“Remember that dog we forgot to do in rehearsals?”

After a brief second of trying to remember, Ryan gave up – and simply thanked Davy for coming on the show.

And social media users were loving Davy’s brutal honestly.