Expert believes sex education in schools should be made more graphic 5 years ago

Expert believes sex education in schools should be made more graphic

This sparked a huge debate.

Sexologist Goedele Liekens appeared on This Morning earlier today to share her views on why sexual education in schools needs to change.

The Belgian expert is of the opinion that the topic should be a compulsory school subject and that children should be encouraged to explore their bodies so that they feel more comfortable.

Liekens recently took part in a Channel 4 documentary which showed her leading a sex education class for teenage girls, aged 16-17, where she offered them each a mirror to bring home for the purpose of examining their genitalia.

This led the show's presenters, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, to question if this was the best idea but Liekens held firm on her views.

The 54-year-old said that these methods help young women to feel more at ease and that it's "important for their sexual health".

You can see more of her comments in the below video.


During the segment, Liekens spoke alongside radio presenter Nick Ferrari, of London-based LFC station, who agreed the subject is important but was not a fan of these particular ideas.

Ferrari said that if he was a parent and his child was encouraged to follow these procedures, he would be very annoyed.

He also said that he would prefer if children were taught the 'power of the word no' instead of the aforementioned practices.

Liekens cited research that suggests the more sex education children receive, the more likely they are to wait before deciding to have sex themselves.