Facebook asks for users email passwords in random new move 3 years ago

Facebook asks for users email passwords in random new move

Well, this doesn't sound right.

Have you seen this notice pop up? Because a lot of people are reporting that a pop up has come up when trying to log into Facebook which asks them for their email and email password.

Of course, we're not stupid and know that writing your password anywhere online is a sketchy move, and you could be open to numerous scams... so, why are Facebook doing it?

According to Business Insider, only some email providers are being targeted, however Gmail is not one of them.

This is the pop up:

facebook login password email


Bennett Cyphers, a security expert, told the publication: "This is basically indistinguishable to a phishing attack. This is bad on so many levels.

"It’s an absurd overreach by Facebook and a sleazy attempt to trick people to upload data about their contacts to Facebook as the price of signing up. Even when you consent to uploading contact information to Facebook, you should never have to put in your email password to do it.

"No company should ever be asking people for credentials like this, and you shouldn’t trust anyone that does. This goes against all conventional security wisdom, basic decency, and common sense."