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17th Apr 2023

Fair City star Jenny Dixon opens up about fertility struggles after birth of miracle twins

Ellen Fitzpatrick

“There wasn’t one particular “low point”.”

Fair City star Jenny Dixon has opened up about her fertility struggles before the birth of her “miracle twins” earlier this year.

Jenny welcomed twins Bella Sky and Capri Luca in February with her husband, former Limerick TD Tom Neville, and both twins spent time in the Rotunda’s neonatal care unit before coming home.

Jenny has now opened up about her fertility struggles before welcoming her twins and revealed that it was a struggle to conceive.

“You kind of get to a point where you surrender to fate,” Jenny told the Sunday Independent. “There wasn’t one particular “low point.” It was a continual series of days and meetings with specialists and family being on board and being excited and then being disappointed.”

Jenny went on to say that there were also different pressures up on her, adding that there was “just tension in all relationships. I had acting going on, I had marriage, I had family and friends. I had all these beautiful relationships and I had this huge journey that people didn’t know about.”

The actress added that there were comments made by others during this time that have stuck with her and Tom.

“If it’s said by someone in a demographic that you know is just heartfelt and innocent it doesn’t hit the same way. But there have been other times where you just feel that person should know better. They should know not to say “I bet you are pregnant,” even though I wasn’t,” she said.

Jenny recently opened up about her struggle to become a mum in an interview with RSVP Magazine last month.

“I can emphasise because I’ve been there and I’ve connected with women who have also been there and who helped me,” she said.

“It’s a silent battle. There are huge numbers of people, much bigger than recorded, that are going through it.”

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