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01st Jan 2018

Family left speechless after bereaved mum’s random act of kindness

“She was here and mattered."

Keeley Ryan

A social media user got a bittersweet surprise when he went to go pick up a birthday cake for his younger sister.

Twitter user Kyle Jauregui explained that when they arrived at the bakers to pick up Madison’s cake, they learned that it had been paid for by a total stranger.

But as it turns out, while it was definitely an act of kindness, it wasn’t so random.


He explained:

“So today is my sisters birthday and when we went to pick up her cake someone had already paid for it.

“It was left with this card… my family was speechless and we just want to say thank you to McKenna’s mom and wish McKenna a Happy Birthday.

“There’s still good in this world.”

He shared a trio of photos, including one of his sister holding up the card that was left with the cake.

The card read:

“Dear Birthday Girl Family,

“In honour of my daughter’s 10th birthday, I have chosen your birthday cake to pay for.

“Each year I do this random act of kindness because I am unable to buy my daughter a cake of her own.

“Today is her big double digit birthday. Please enjoy your day.”

Social media users were choked up after reading the note from McKenna’s mum.

According to the website Scary Mommy, the cake was paid for by a woman named ashley, whose 9-month-old girl died after a television tragically fell on her.

She told the publication she has been “learning lessons every day in her absence” and that she wants the infant’s life to “make a difference in the world”.

She added:

“She was here and mattered.

“Knowing someone reads her name and learns about her means so much.”

Featured image via @Shhwaggy_T/Twitter.