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18th Nov 2017

Family threatened with eviction over complaints of ‘crying baby’

They've been told to keep 'all movement and noise to a minimum.'

Jade Hayden


A family have been threatened with eviction over complaints of their baby crying.

The family, who are renting in London, said that they were told by management that if the noise continued they could be given two-weeks notice.

Attila and Ildiko Wurth live in a flat with their 15-month-old daughter and their three-year-old son.

The BBC reports that they have called the threat discriminatory.

“We felt so scared. We didn’t know what happens next. Will we come home and find our things in the road?”

The couple stated that they had been told that other tenants had been making “daily complaints” about the noise coming from their flat.

They received an email from the management firm saying that people had complained:

“… that at 5.30am this morning a baby was crying and stamping and then further noise starting again at 6.45am, which woke one of the other tenants in the property.”

The family were also advised to “keep all movement and noise to a minimum.”

The management agency told the BBC that the family were:

“… in breach of contract as they were causing disturbance to the other occupants of the building… not only relating to noisy children but also other noise nuisance.”