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03rd Apr 2019

Fan favourite Coronation Street couple set for a devastating split


A fan favourite Coronation Street couple is set for a heartbreaking split this summer.

Sarah Platt will end her relationship with Gary Windass, according to The Sunafter loan shark Rick Neelan threatens her and her children.

The builder currently owes thousands to the dangerous loan shark, and will find himself doing his dirty work as he has no way of raising the cash to repay him.

But things take a turn when Rick threatens the lives of Sarah and her kids – leading her to walk away from Gary.

Meanwhile, Gary is going to be “devastated” by the end of their relationship – and is said to spiral out of control.

A source told the publication:

“Gary gets deeper and deeper in with Rick and becomes trapped.He tries to escape but Rick is determined to make sure it’s not that easy.

“Rick visits Sarah and makes it clear she and the kids will be the ones to pay if Gary walks away.

“After everything Bethany has been through, and with Rick’s connection to the Platts,  Sarah decides enough is enough.

“She’s terrified of what will happen so she tells Gary’s it’s over because she has to protect her kids.”

However, the insider added that it may not actually be the end of the couple – as Gary is “going to do everything he can” to win her back.

They said:

“But after everything he has put Sarah through no-one would blame her for walking away for good.”