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10th Jul 2021

Father left furious after school librarian cuts his little girl’s hair off


One dad has expressed his fury after a school librarian cut his daughter’s hair.

It is believed Jurnee Hoffmeyer returned home from school with one half of her hair shorter than the other. Her father Jimmy was furious, but his little girl explained that a classmate stole a pair of scissors from class and cut her hair on the bus.

Parents will understand that these things happen all the time and luckily a local hairdresser helped tidy up the little girl’s hair.

However, two days later she returned home in tears. The school librarian had cut her hair into an even shorter style than before. The dad was extremely angry and described it as a “modern-day scalping”.

An investigation was launched after the incident.

The school board found that the librarian “had good intentions when performing the haircut.”

According to MLive, “Regardless, their decisions and actions are unacceptable and show a major lack of judgment. The employees involved have acknowledged their wrong actions and apologised.”

“We truly appreciate the support and patience by our students, staff, and families while an independent, third-party investigation was conducted regarding an incident at Ganiard Elementary School.”

The librarian was given a warning and the two employees who were aware of the incident were also reprimanded.

Jimmy and his daughter were not questioned and were unsatisfied with the result of the investigation.

Bernita Bradley of the NPU claims the incident was a racial attack. The father stressed that the staff members should have admitted to their mistake immediately.

He told WTOC: “Our kind of hair, you can’t just wet down and cut it.”

“Once they seen the outcome, they should have been like, ‘Yeah, we messed up,’” he added.