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25th Feb 2019

Skincare company Dove want to pay for dads to recieve paternity leave

Melissa Carton

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Many fathers have no access to paternity leave.

In 2016 fathers in Ireland became eligible to access paternity leave and paternity benefit, but as it stands it still only covers a relatively short period of time compared to many other European countries.

For fathers in the United States there is even less access to paternity leave but it is something that Dove want to change.

The company have launched The Pledge for Paternity Leave which aims to give paternity leave to as many fathers as possible.

Dove have said that they want all fathers to take paternity leave if their company provides it but they also want to help fund fathers who have no access to paternity benefits.

Fathers in the United States can now apply through the new initiative to receive a grant of $5,000 for parental leave.

According to findings by the company less than 1 in 5 men in the U.S. are offered any paid paternity leave.

Dove have said that they will be committing to a fund of $1 million to help support fathers access paternity benefits and be there for their babies.

It is as important for infants to bond with their fathers as it is with their mothers but still paternity leave is not considered on the same level as maternity leave. Initiatives like this pave the way for change and to help create a better life for families everywhere.