The ultimate chick flick is on Comedy Central tonight and YAS 3 years ago

The ultimate chick flick is on Comedy Central tonight and YAS

Stop trying to make fetch happen.

That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secrets.

I saw Regina George wearing cargo pants and flip flops so, I bought cargo pants and flip flops.

Get in loser we're going shopping.

You don't even go here!

We could honestly sit here all day typing Mean Girls quotes from memory because the 2004 hit is simply just that iconic.

Mean Girls is one of those films that is loved by everyone ever and so, the fact it's on TV tonight - a night that has us crippled with fear, dreading work and nursing a hangover is music to our ears.


A brief synopsis for the 0.0000000001 percent of us that haven't seen the movie is as follows...

Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) moves to a new home from the bush country of Africa. She goes to a new school where she meets Janis and Damian. Her new friends warn her to stay away from the Plastics: the A-list, popular, crude, and beautiful clique headed by Regina George with Gretchen and Karen. When Cady sees Aaron Samuels - Regnia's ex-boyfriend, she falls in love. When Regina discovers this, she seeks revenge by taking and dangling Aaron in front of Cady. Now Cady, Janis, and Damian plot to bring Regina's status down. However, as Cady continues to spend more time with the Plastics, she begins to become one of them.

The movie is on Comedy Central tonight at 11pm.

Too late? The Wolf of Wall Street is on Film 4 tonight at 9pm.