These Female Bikers Deliver Donor Breast Milk Across NYC To Sick Babies 3 years ago

These Female Bikers Deliver Donor Breast Milk Across NYC To Sick Babies

The Sirens MC are part of a self-confessed 'bad ass' motorbike group who are delivering breast milk across New York City to babies in need.

The women set up the club in protest over the predominantly male 'hells angels.' Now they have volunteered to travel the length and breath of Manhattan as quickly as possibly to help the Milk Bank get precious breast milk to sick babies as fast as possible.

The Milk Bank is one of the first of its type - a facility that collects, pasteurises and distributes donor human milk to premature babies across the state.

Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, the founder of the Milk Bank told the New York Post:

“We need to get milk into the facility and then out; we required a delivery service which is where Sirens MC come in. These are badass women, and it seemed like such a good idea to employ their services to help us,”

On motorbikes, the women are able to weave in and out of traffic quickly, ensuring the donations reach their destination in record time.

The Sirens say they are made up of  “strong women” and didn't hesitate when they were approached to help out. Founder, Cheryl, said they are uniquely positioned to do the job:

“It was pretty unanimous to help out. Little girls when they see us on the road they light up like ‘Wow! Girls can do that, so delivering breastmilk is just a little bit cooler.”

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