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23rd Feb 2018

Emmerdale viewers were delighted with last night’s episode


Emmerdale fans have been hoping that Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle would finally reunite and last night, this finally happened.

They had been fighting their feelings for each other over the past few weeks but they finally gave in and viewers couldn’t be happier.

They have had what you might describe as a volatile relationship but with Aaron making a vow of undying love or something along those lines, things are back on track (for now at least).

It looked like there was no hope for the couple when Aaron asked Alex, his ex-boyfriend and the village doctor, to move in but it seems this prompted him to realise that he was still in love with Robert.

The soundtrack to this reunion featured Adele and it was one of those soap moments viewers were only delighted by.

If you missed it, you can check out the adorable moment in this clip and below that are some of the reactions from people watching.

Everyone had the warm and fuzzies…