The first look at Eva Price with her baby is here and everyone's saying the same thing 4 years ago

The first look at Eva Price with her baby is here and everyone's saying the same thing

Ah, god.

Eva Price is about to have her baby.

It's not a royal baby, we know, but it's still a fairly eagerly anticipated baby and that's good enough for us.

Eva has been (somehow) concealing her baby around the Coronation Street cobblestones for quite some time now, and despite the fact that she is clearly pregnant, people have been none the wiser.

Which, you know, fair enough.

Today, the Coronation Street Instagram page shared the first photo of Eva and her baby together.



They probably had a tip off that the Duchess of Cambridge was going to give birth later in the morning, in fairness to them.

Anyway, in the photo Eva can be seeing holding her newborn and looking quite emotional.

It remains to be seen as to whether anybody else was with her for the birth, but that's not the question that's got Corrie fans into a bit of a mild meltdown.

They're not wondering who's with Eva, but how in the world a baby that size is supposed to be premature.

Yeah. Does look pretty full term to us, in fairness.

Lots of people on Instagram thought so too.

"Baby looks full term not premature," said one person.

"If a baby were 12 weeks early (going by Eva being 17 weeks pregnant when she found out), they’d be very small and have to go into NICU, which clearly the baby in this picture isn’t!" argued another.

Now, in fairness, we're not going to take a whole lot of issue with this because since when is hiring a premature baby for some soap acting a thing that people are actually able to do?

So, whatever, it's grand.

Just know that we'll have to listen to a lot of people complain about the size of this particular baby for a verrrrry long time.