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01st Jul 2018

‘Fit and healthy’ young dog dies after being brought for a walk in 21C heat

This is awful.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

For many of us, our family pet is a key part of the household – the furry friend that makes our homes complete.

Which is why on Sunday the news of the death of a dog was particularly distressing.

The five-year-old pet was being brought for a walk in the north west of England before dying from heatstroke.

This incident has prompted animal charities to again warn pet owners to be cautious about exercising their animals during the current heatwave.

The RSPCA explained: “This morning we were informed a local dog died of heat stroke after being taken on a walk at 9am when the temperature was 21C.

“The dog was otherwise fit and healthy.

“Despite lots of warnings about the heat we still see dogs being walked to the shops, on the school run, or as soon as owners get in from work.

“We do understand the crucial nature of walking your dog, however please bear in mind that walking in high temperatures can cause serious and irreversible damage, and in some cases death.”

It added: “It does not matter if your dog is white, young, not a bull breed or used to the heat. Please be mindful of its needs.”

Dogs suffering from heatstroke may…

  • Start to pant excessively
  • Begin to stagger as they walk
  • Begin having seizures
  • Have a high body temperature
  • Have a dark or bright red tongue
  • Have sticky or dry gums
  • Begin to vomit

If you suspect your dog has heatstroke…

  • Take them to a cool, shaded area
  • Call a vet immediately
  • Douse them in cool (not cold) water
  • Give them water – but gradually