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10th Aug 2023

Former Love Island star Laura Anderson left ‘mortified’ by baby class blunder

Laura Anderson

Many pregnant people reading this with older siblings will relate!!

Ex-Love Island star, Laura Anderson, has told of a time she was left “mortified” during a baby class due to advice from her sister.

She explained that she had attended a breastfeeding class ahead of the birth of her first baby, where they were asked a question on the spot.

Her sister had given her the wrong answer and she says her response left the whole class in stitches.

The 34-year-old will welcome her first child very soon and like most expectant mums, she’s been putting in the hours to learn the best way to raise her little one.

In her latest pregnancy column for OK! , she exclusively explained: “I recently went on a breastfeeding course and I was a bit nervous.

“I’m normally not shy, but sometimes I worry because I am in the public eye, and people who are at a class might know a lot about my life.

“I just sit there and think ‘oh god, are people sat there thinking that they know loads about my life?'”

The TV personality went on to speak about a very embarrassing moment she had in the class, explaining that she jumped to respond to a question she thought she knew the answer to – but was quickly corrected by the teacher.

“I was so proud of myself because I’d read loads of books, so I kind of knew a lot of stuff,” she said.

“So then we had these fake babies and a fake boob and you had to pretend to squirt the milk out, which was quite funny.”

She went on to say: “Weeks ago, my sister, who has children of her own, taught me how to get the milk out of your breast.

“So when the teacher asked if anyone knew how to do it, I put my hand up, and said ‘oh my god, I know how to do it’, and excitedly showed the class thinking I was right – only to be told I was completely wrong.

“Everyone laughed and I was mortified – I rang my sister afterwards and was like ‘you b***h,’ but I learned something new in the end, so it’s okay.”

Poor Laura!! Let us know your baby class blunder stories over on Facebook and Instagram in the comments section.