Fota Wildlife Park receives Autism-Friendly Accreditation from AsIAm 3 years ago

Fota Wildlife Park receives Autism-Friendly Accreditation from AsIAm

Fantastic news.

Cork's beloved Fota Wildlife Park has received an Autism-Friendly Accreditation from Ireland’s national autism charity AsIAm.

The new accreditation makes it the first attraction in Ireland to be deemed autism-friendly.

I know several parents whose children have sensory conditions and it can be a struggle to find a day out that won't overwhelm them.

Conditions like autism can be aggravated by loud noises and crowds, something that usually goes hand in hand with activities for children.

Fota's award comes following a period of training to assist autistic people and their families visiting the attraction.


At Fota

Having visited Fota over the summer I can see why it would be an ideal choice for any parent whose child has autism or a similar condition.

Neither of my children has autism but having being diagnosed with ADD in my late teens I find crowded situations stressful which is difficult when you have small children. The thought of visiting play centres and funfairs fills me with anxiety and I honestly thought I would feel the same during our trip to Fota.

Nothing could have been further from the truth as the wide-open plains of Fota meant I never felt claustrophobic or overwhelmed at any stage.

I would highly recommend it as a spot to visit if you are a parent looking for an autism or sensory-friendly day out with the family.