Four lost children in Alaska miraculously found huddled together in the snow 2 years ago

Four lost children in Alaska miraculously found huddled together in the snow

Good news.

Four young boys who went missing in Alaska have been found after being lost in the freezing weather for over a day.

It is believed the boys went out together but a sudden snowstorm trapped them and prevented them from returning home.

The children were eventually found huddled together in a hole they had dug in the snow. The older children had used to bodies to cover their baby brother and keep him warm.

Brothers Christopher Johnson, age 14, Frank Johnson, age 8, Ethan Camille, age 7, and Trey Camille, age 2 were discovered earlier this week by authorities after Bryan Simon and his team spotted something suspicious in the snow.

"It didn’t look like anything. And then as I got kind of closer, I seen movement, I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I got kind of close to them I thought I only seeing one kid."

The reason that Simon only thought he was seeing one child was because the three older children had huddled together to form a protection shield around their youngest brother who is only two.


"The boy laid over the infant, and on his left side, a little older boy covering the draft. And the seven-year-old was laying right above them like he was blocking the wind."

The fact that the boys have been found alive is a miracle considering the weather conditions in Alaska at the time of their disappearance. With temperatures below freezing the wind chill itself had been just above 0 degrees.

Another member of the search team says luck was on their side when it came to finding the boys;

"And it’s just the angle that we came in that we were able to spot them. We didn’t think we would find them, but we did."

Emergency responders immediately started to slowly warm the boys up before taking them to hospital where three of them were treated for severe hypothermia.