It looks like a Freaky Friday sequel is in the works 3 months ago

It looks like a Freaky Friday sequel is in the works

We need Freaky Friday 2 to happen.

We've had Hocus Pocus 2, Disenchanted is on the way and now it looks like a Freaky Friday sequel could happen.

Lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis admitted she'd love to play Tess Coleman again.

The Halloween star even wrote to Disney about a potential sequel.

She told The View that she is open to filming a sequel.

"I’ve already written to Disney [about a Freaky Friday sequel]."

"I’m 64 years old today — not today, soon, in a month or whatever. My point is I’m wide open, creatively I am wide open,” she said.

"Lindsay Lohan and me back in Freaky Friday. She just made a Christmas movie, I believe, and she got married … It’s all good. Bring it!"


Jamie Lee Curtis even has a storyline in mind.

"Let me be the grandma, let me be the old grandma who switches places, so then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma who’s still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon."

"I would like to see Lindsay be the hot grandma.

Curtis added, "I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I want to be a helicopter parent in today’s world.”

Her Freaky Friday co-star Lindsay Lohan hopes to return, according to TMZ.

We seriously need this sequel to happen.