Fundraiser launched to help couple buy headstone for stillborn daughter 7 months ago

Fundraiser launched to help couple buy headstone for stillborn daughter

A fundraiser has been launched to support a family who tragically lost their baby girl.

The money raised will help them purchase a headstone for their baby girl's grave.

Reita Mallak and Glen McDermot's daughter Mya was sadly stillborn in June 2021.

Her heartbroken parents are trying to cover funeral costs. They also want to buy their daughter a headstone.

Friends of Mya's parents have launched a fundraiser to help them during this harrowing time.

Writing on GoFundMe;

"Mya's mam had a perfectly healthy pregnancy until it came to giving birth when unfortunately there were complications due to placenta abruption which caused Mya to be born sleeping on 29th June 21."

"Mya's parents were young and excited about her arrival they never imagined anything like this could ever happen to them. This meant when planning the funeral they were shocked by the cost of the funeral expenses."


Her parents are still trying to pay off funeral expenses, but are struggling.

They are also trying to care for Mya's sister Layla, who was born in 2022.

"Mya deserves a beautiful resting place for her parents, now little sister Layla and family to visit and remember her, this is where we are hoping you can help.

"We have set us this fundraiser to help Mya's parents pay off her funeral and order their beautiful daughter the headstone she deserves."

Their loved ones have called on the public to support them during this distressing time.

You can donate to the fundraiser here.