Galway announced as one of Europe’s top 10 cities for raising a family 10 months ago

Galway announced as one of Europe’s top 10 cities for raising a family

We can see why.

A recent study analysing over 130 European cities and their prospects across three categories (‘Education’, ‘Health & Safety’ and ‘Leisure & Lifestyle’) has revealed the best European cities to raise a family.

Contributing factors include teacher to student ratios, educational attractions and recreational spaces (per capita), healthcare accessibility, length of maternity leave, air quality, cost of living and more.

The research found that the city of Galway, Ireland has ranked as Europe’s 6th best city for raising children, whilst Cork places among the overall top 25.

Galway’s high score is largely down to its ‘Leisure & Lifestyle’ prospects, offering a good ratio of green spaces (parks) and an even more impressive choice of sports centres (per capita). The city also ranks as Europe’s 7th best for air quality.

Limerick and Dublin also feature in the study - the city of Limerick also ranks respectably, placing among Europe’s top 30, whilst Dublin draws the shortest straw as it gains itself a mid-way rank of 66th overall.


Also placing in Europe’s top ten cities to raise children are Ireland’s city of Galway, Aarhus in Denmark, Finnish capital Helsinki, Edinburgh, Scotland and finally, Austrian city, Graz.

Other European countries looked at in the research included Portugal, Italy, Finland, Iceland, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

The capital of Portuguese island Madeira, Funchal, ranks as the best city in Europe for raising a family. Other cities making up the top ten include Trieste (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Edinburgh (UK), Reykjavik (Iceland), Prague (Czech Republic) and Helsinki (Finland).

England's capital London ranks as the worst city in Europe for raising children.

To be honest I'm not surprised that Galway has ranked so high as it's one of my favourite parts of Ireland and I can definitely see more and more families choosing to live there in the next few years.