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18th Jun 2019

The Gardaí have a new puppy recruit and they’re looking for name suggestions

Jade Hayden

A wise and adorable boy.

Dogs are the best.

They make any situation at least 10 times more bearable.

Stuck at home for the day? Dog makes it better. Spending the next nine hours of your life in work? Dog makes it better.

Engaging with some specialist detection experts as part of An Garda Síochana? Dog makes it so much better.

Lucky for the Gards then that they’ve now got a new pup to help them along the way in the form of this little guy, a full cocker spaniel who is only 11 weeks old.

Honestly, like. He is too much.

The now-unnamed pup is currently training to be a specialist detection dog on the force.

According to their Instagram page, he’s been hanging around with Bailey and Elsa, the doggos who are already up there when it comes to detecting things in a specialised manner.

The Gards shared four adorable photos of the little guy last night, debuting him to the world and asking the public to share their suggestions as to what they should name him.

Some notable contributions include: ‘Madra,’ ‘Murphy,’ ‘Starsky,’ and ‘Escobar.’

Not entirely sure how that last one would go down with the force but hey, whatever suits.

“Our latest recruit in the #GardaDogUnit is a full cocker spaniel aged 11 wks,” they wrote in their post.

“He’s mischievious and likes the rough and tumble with Elsa (Lab) & Bailey. He has started his training to qualify as a specialist detection dog with us.

“He remains nameless but we are open to suggestions.”

You can add your own suggestion over on their Instagram page here.