Gender reveal party explosion triggers earthquake reports from neighbours 1 year ago

Gender reveal party explosion triggers earthquake reports from neighbours

The blasts could be heard across two states.

In the US, a New Hampshire man has turned himself in after detonating 80 pounds of explosives at a gender reveal party. On Tuesday evening, police in the town of Kingston near the Massachusetts border began getting reports of loud explosions in the area. They attended the scene of a quarry where they found a gender reveal party underway.

Police revealed there was over 80 pounds, or 36 kgs, of explosives at the site and the person who bought and detonated the explosives has handed himself over to authorities.

Locals in the surrounding areas said they felt their homes shake and some reported property damage. Nearby residents told NBC 10 Boston that the noise was extreme, “We heard this God-awful blast,” Sara Taglieri, who lives in a home near the quarry, explained. “It knocked pictures off our walls … I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme.”



Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in recent times, the parties centre on expectant parents revealing the gender of their baby in lavish ways to their friends and families. Despite the magnitude of the explosives at this particular party, nobody was injured in the incident.

According to police, the explosives used are typically sold over the counter as a target for firearms practice.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing and no charges have yet been brought.

Also if you were wondering... it's a boy.