Gender reveal party leads to yet another wildfire 1 year ago

Gender reveal party leads to yet another wildfire

This time it was in Canada.

Gender reveal parties have been gaining more and more popularity over the last few years, but it's not always for good reason when they hit the headlines.

Yet another gender reveal party has sparked a wildfire, but this time it's causing damage in Canada.

Some type of explosive device was set off to reveal the baby's gender near Fort McMurray Forest Protection Area in Alberta, Canada on May 31, which caused the disaster.

Aiming to tell friends and family what the baby was going to be, the device had other plans and ignited a wildfire that spread about an acre.

A spokesperson for Alberta Wildlife Travis Fairweather has said that those responsible for setting off the device have since been issued a $600 fine and are being forced to pay for the cost of putting out the fire.

He said: "While fireworks and exploding targets can be fun, they can also come with a hefty price tag if you inadvertently start a wildfire."


The fire was initiated by a disc loaded with coloured powder, a popular way to reveal the gender, but this has caused damage over the last few years since it began.

The creator of gender reveals like this has since said they regret creating it due to the destruction and accidents some have been involved in.

Fairweather also noted that this was the third occurrence like this where an exploding device has caused a fire this year.

He added: "When you fire a round at them and it connects, it creates a small explosion. Especially in dry conditions, that initial explosion can create some heated debris … and when that hits the ground, it can simmer and certainly start a wildfire."

But with all this being said, Fairweather told the Edmonton Journal he didn't know what colour the explosion was - so we may never know the baby's gender.