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27th Jul 2022

George Clooney set to visit Ireland for special family holiday

Sarah McKenna Barry

No better place tbh.

Hollywood hunk George Clooney is set to visit Ireland later this year, and he hopes to connect with his Irish cousins again.

The actor’s family hail from Abbeyleix in Co. Laois and Windgap, Co. Kilkenny. He previously visited Seanus, Agnes, and Fiona Clooney in Ballyfin House during the Easter holidays in 2019.

During the visit, he also caught up with Bono and Leo Varadkar, who was the Taoiseach at the time.

Now, Clooney is planning another trip to the Emerald Isle.

As Breaking News reports, the actor’s spokesperson, Andy Ring has said that another trip to Ireland is on the cards.

Mr Ring explained that he was adamant to visit in 2020, but couldn’t due to Covid-19.

He said: “Now the talk within the family [is] that they are all coming here before the summer of the year is out, as he is anxious to get to properly visit the areas his relatives came from and where his cousins still live.”

He added: “He along with Amal really enjoyed their time here getting to know Seamus and Agnes and they are in contact frequently. Now that international travel has opened up again, they are expected to be here sooner rather than later.”

After his last visit to Ireland, Clooney said that he struggled to understand what his Irish relatives were saying at the time.

According to the Irish Mirror, he said: “We walked into this castle and I thought ‘the Clooneys are doing alright over here’ and we spent the afternoon trying to understand what they were saying.”

He also spoke about the connection he felt with them, saying: “I also have to say that there is this other part of you which you sort of does feel this weird connection to.

“You can see some resemblance in the eyes and things like that.”