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02nd Dec 2019

Get the hot water bottle out, it’s going to be freezing tonight

Jade Hayden


Like, freezing.

For the past week, it has rained more than it should ever be permitted to rain during a short amount of time.

It’s been wet, it’s been miserable.

And while it appears at though we have finally emerged from the upsetting, moist dreariness that were the past few weeks of Irish life, it’s now just freezing cold.

And yeah, honestly anything is better than the rain so we’ll take it.

According to Met Éireann, tonight is set to be considerably cold as temperatures will drop as low as -2 degrees in some parts of the country.

Frost will start to set in quickly as night descends, leaving risk of icy patches, as well as mist and fog.

Temperatures will be slightly higher in the south thanks to those all important Atlantic coast breezes, but they’ll only reach as high as 2 degrees – so still pretty cold, tbh.

This comes after Met Éireann warned of hazardous driving conditions this morning due to the particularly cold weather.

“Frost and fog with some freezing fog patches will lead to hazardous driving conditions in parts of the country this morning,” they said.

“The frost and fog will gradually clear during the day to leave it dry with a mix of cloud and sunny spells. Highest afternoon temperatures of 5 to 8 degrees in light breezes which will vary in direction.”

Looking fairly likely tomorrow morning will be more of the same, then.