This girl's hilariously brutal note to Santa is peak sibling rivalry 5 years ago

This girl's hilariously brutal note to Santa is peak sibling rivalry

She wants to make sure St Nick got the message.

A nine-year-old girl is hoping that Santa will have room on his sleigh to pickup something from her house - after he drops off presents, of course.

Jennifer Murphy from St John's in Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada, wrote the message in giant letters in the snow with a  little bit of assistance from her mum, Jo-Ann.

The pair were playing in the snow on Sunday when the girl came up with the idea to send a more...out there letter that, if we had to guess, will easily be spotted from Santa's sleigh.

And it's peak sibling rivalry.

A video posted online has the girl's mum showing off the message scrawled outside their house.

In huge, bright, bold, red letters, Jennifer wrote:

“Santa stop here. Leave presents, take brother!”


Her mum explained in the video that the area had just gotten a big snowfall, so they decided to do "something a little bit different than build a snowman".

As she rounds the corner to the other side of the house, another message to Father Christmas can be seen.

It read:

"Santa, I tried! Brother was worst..."

But it sounds like Jennifer's brother, 13-year-old Ryan, doesn't reckon he has to sleep with one eye open just yet.

Their mum told CBC News that he had laughed off the good natured joke when he saw it.

Photo via CBC.