Government confirm that there are no plans to extend the mid-term holidays 6 months ago

Government confirm that there are no plans to extend the mid-term holidays

The country is currently in Phase 3.

Many changes have happened since children returned to school in late August.

With the country entering Phase 3 many pubs have been unable to reopen, restaurants can no longer seat customers indoors and cinemas and other attractions have had to close again.

These changes led to many parents wondering if the schools would close again with rumours circulating that the mid-term holidays would be extended.

Given that when schools first closed in March we were told it was only for a couple of weeks, which then led to months, many parents have been concerned that 'extended mid-term' could me the school staying closed until next year.

The Government however, confirmed over the weekend that they have no plans to ask schools to extend the mid-term break.

According to a Tweet by journalist Tom Douglas, Minister for State @NiallCollinsTD said that there is "no plan" to extend school closures and is quoted as saying;

"So if there's any uncertainty that's out there, I'd like to quell it emphatically.

There is no plan to close our schools beyond the scheduled one week break at Halloween."




While many parents are relieved that their children will not have a repeat of what happened in March, others are concerned about their children being back at school as Covid cases increase.

What are your feelings?

Are you glad your children won't be out of school again or are you worried about them being back at school?