Graham Norton's book Holding is being made into a TV series- here's everything we know 4 months ago

Graham Norton's book Holding is being made into a TV series- here's everything we know

Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney gave viewers an insight into what to expect from this upcoming drama.

One of the highlights coming to Irish TV this spring is, without a doubt, the adaption of Graham Norton's acclaimed novel Holding.

Airing on Virgin Media soon, Holding follows the residents of Duneen, Co.Cork as they grapple with the discovery of remains in their town. As Sergeant PJ Collins learns that the remains belong to former resident Tommy Burke, the dark secrets of the town slowly start to unravel.

The four-part TV adaption of the drama is packed full with stunning visuals, A-listers and fresh-faced new talent.

Among the cast is Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney, who plays Bríd Riordan, Tommy's former partner, and a chief suspect in the investigation.

Other big names on the billing include Conleth Hill, Charlene McKenna, Brenda Fricker and Pauline McGlynn.

Speaking at Virgin Media's Spring Programming Launch yesterday, McSweeney spoke about Holding's talented cast.


"It was an absolute dream to be on set surrounded by people I'd grown up watching," she said. "I absolutely worshipped Pauline McGlynn in particular. It's really annoying when you find out people you adore turn out to be some of the most wonderfully kind people you've ever met."

She continued: "What I loved about the cast is that it's not just these stalwarts of Irish film and TV and theatre, but you also have new talent as well. These two amazing young actors - Sky Yang and Clinton Liberty - it was wonderful. You had all the newbies and the stalwarts, and me in the middle trying not to get fired."

Siobhán also spoke about the responsibility she feels when it comes to doing the book and its author justice.

"There is a huge amount of responsibility when you're dealing with such a well-loved book and such well-loved personality such as Graham Norton," she said. "(Graham) came on set a few times and he was incredibly supportive and really, really lovely."

Holding will air on Virgin Media later this spring.