Great British Bake Off viewers complain about apparent 'glitch' in last night's episode 5 years ago

Great British Bake Off viewers complain about apparent 'glitch' in last night's episode

Ah, god.

There's no keeping them happy.

Last night, the Great British Bake Off was on. It was a very enjoyable affair where lots of lovely people did some baking, Noel Fielding was glorious, and *spoilers*, nobody went home.

A decent enough way to spend an hour, in fairness - unless you count the fact that people, of course, found something to complain about.

Because of course. 

In this case though, it wasn't that viewers were unhappy with the outcome of the episode, or that Paul Hollywood had given out too many handshakes, or that everybody just missed Mary Berry a little too much.

It was a supposed legit editing issue that apparently 'spoiled' the show's ending.



The mistake in question happened towards the end of the episode when Rahul was receiving a bit of praise from Paul.

He got quite emotional before heading back to his work station, but then a clip of the bakers sitting in a row and Rahul standing up, seemingly to accept his award of star baker, was shown.

And people were, understandably, not at all impressed.

“What an earth just happened with that bake off glitch?! #GBBO Just ruined the ending," complained one viewer. 

“There was a tiny glitch halfway through, where we suddenly flicked to the end of the episode where they were all sat on their seats (looking happy)…then flicked back again. Gave away the happy ending!” roasted another. 

Grim enough.

However, as we all now know (*spoilers*) it was, in fact, Dan who was awarded star baker this week meaning that this apparent editing glitch didn't really matter that much at all.

Grand, so.