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27th Feb 2017

Why a great BUM is Hollywood’s most sought-after accessory

Niamh Maher

You know all those beautifully-rounded, gorgeously-perky celebrity behinds on last night’s Oscars red-carpet? Yeah, they’re probably FAKE.

However, that’s not to say that folk are trying to achieve a rear-end of Kardashian-proportions. Yup, away from the fillers, lifts, and fat transfers, butt pads are doing wondrous things during awards season.

Indeed, actress Kristen Bell recently admitted that she had a little help in the rump department at this year’s Golden Globes.

So if you feel like your bottom is in need a boost – here are Her’s top five tips…

  1. Eat all the food: there is NO point in squatting until the cows come home without fuelling your body. And carbs are our friends if we want to grow those glutes
  2. Correct the imbalance: most of us spend all day sitting which causes the glute muscles to weaken. A nice glute bridge incorporated into your everyday workout will help take the pressure off our quads and hamstrings. You can do this at home while watching TV, easy peasy
  3. Goblet squats: add some weight to good, old-fashioned squats. A kettlebell or dumbbell works great with goblet squats, lower weight and higher repetitions work best here and consistency is key; you can’t grow a bum overnight
  4. Curtsey squat: it targets the outer part of the thigh (or saddlebag area) as well as the glutes. Imagine you’re meeting Michael Dee or Queen Bey, get nice and low in that curtsey
  5. Relax: sometimes its just genetics. The butt is having a serious moment so embrace the curves and leave the pads at home