Do you greet other mums with a kiss? This mother thinks it's over the top 4 years ago

Do you greet other mums with a kiss? This mother thinks it's over the top

How do you greet your friends?

Do you give them a kiss on the cheek? A hug? A wave?

What if you have already seen them that morning? Or the day before? Do you do the same thing every time or not bother?

This mum has written on Mumsnet about her frustration when other women kiss (which she later describes as a quick peck on the cheek or a hug) each other hello while waiting at the school gates.

She said:

"To think mums who kiss on the school run as if you have not seen each other for month (yet only saw each other the night before) are attention seekers? I never understood why people do it. It just feels way over the top and somehow a bit of show to others?"

However, many users replied to the thread, saying that they see no problem with it whatsoever - they would greet their friends the same way no matter what time of day and doesn't care who is looking.


One wrote:

"I have been known to hug / kiss friends depending on what’s happened - one of my friends husband is being a dick and we have been texting all day, I’ll probably give her a cuddle later. I’d do it whether or not anyone was watching, so it’s not for attention!"

While another said:

"I think the kiss cheek greeting has become more common in England over the last decade or so. I don't think it's showy or anything like that to those who choose to do it. It's just a way of greeting each other."

What do you think?