Groom's mother did the most awful thing the night before the wedding 4 years ago

Groom's mother did the most awful thing the night before the wedding

Sorry, what?

We've come across a fair few wedding disaster stories in our day but this one just sounds unbelievable.

A bride took to Reddit to give a breakdown of her wedding day and it involves the groom's stepmother giving the groomsmen money to to bring the groom's brother to a strip club.

Then, there's also a story of a steak knife being whipped out and crying... lot's of crying.

The bride wrote:


Here are the bulleted highlights: (SO = significant other). The wedding itself went off quickly and relatively smoothly. It was a really quick ceremony. It was before and after that were the problems.

  • SO's stepmother told me at the bridal shower that he was never going to amount to anything and I was making a huge mistake.
  • SO's brother brought an uninvited and unannounced girlfriend to the rehearsal and then demanded I include her in the wedding. I'd never met her before, they were from out of state, and he didn't tell us in advance that he was bringing a date. The girl stood outside and smoked the entire time

  • SOs stepmother gave men in the wedding party money to take him out to a strip club and "get a hooker"

  • SO's mother cried because we had not put together an intricate ceremony that she could participate in. Though we told her in advance it was better to do nothing than to try and include everyone (stepmother/bio mother/my mom/grandmothers)

  • SO's brother came to my hotel room the night before the wedding, drunk and crying because he and the new girlfriend got into a fight. He said she tried to stab him with a steak knife. He then told me I'd made a mistake and had chosen "the wrong brother," lunged at me with his tongue out and started groping me

  • The best part is, we had legally gotten married at a courthouse six months before, told no one, and only had the wedding because of our fucking families

Wow. Mental.