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21st Aug 2018

Hair expert says you shouldn’t wear these hairstyles while exercising

It's not good for the follicles.


hair expert

When you just don’t have time to do your hair before the gym, a trusty ponytail goes a long way. But, hair expert Anabel Kingsley is advising against that.

She was speaking with The DailyMail recently, when she said that women should avoid tight hairstyles such as ponytails or buns, when going to the gym, because it could result in hair loss.

She says it’s particularly an issue when women are working out, but it also applies to styles that are worn for prolonged lengthed of times.

By adding exercise into the equation of a tight hairstyle it causes extra tension on the hair follicles.

“Overly tight hairstyles, such as wearing your hair in tight ponytail or braid, can put too much traction on the hair and hair follicle.

Initially, this can cause breakage and may even pull strands out. If done repeatedly over a long period of time, permanent hair loss can occur.

This type of hair loss is called “traction alopecia”. To help prevent this, opt for a looser style.”

Braiding your hair is a handy way to keep your hair out of the way, while not having it too tight on your head.

Her rule of thumb is that if it’s hurting your scalp then you should loosen your hairstyle.