Hairdressers will be trained to spot signs of domestic abuse in UK and Ireland 2 years ago

Hairdressers will be trained to spot signs of domestic abuse in UK and Ireland

The scheme is set to launch this year.

Hairdressers and beauticians across the UK and Ireland will be trained to recognise the signs of domestic abuse under a new scheme set out.

First launched in the USA by salon owner and domestic abuse survivor Susanne Post, the training programme was developed to help those in the beauty industry spot if someone is being abused.

Commonly known as "Shear Haven", hairdressers and beauticians will complete a number of 20 minute online courses before being tested and getting a certificate if they pass.

The programme teaches those in the industry be able to spot the signs of domestic abuse, and they will also be able to have a conversation with the person in a way that will keep them safe and help them take action.


Expected to launch in the UK and Ireland later this year, there are currently 25,000 hairdressers around the world that are trained in this and completed the programme.

Shear Haven is designed specifically for those working in jobs where they work directly with the public. Hairdressers, beauticians and consultants are all eligible to apply for the scheme.

Domestic abuse in Ireland has seen a huge increase since 2019 due to the pandemic, increasing by over 40%.

Women across the country have been reporting high levels of emotional, physical, sexual and economic abuse from their partners, some are even said to be direct results of heightened Covid restrictions.

Last year the domestic violence support service Women's Aid saw 29,717 people contacting them for help and guidance, an increase of 43% compared to 2019.

This scheme would also allow customers who are suffering domestic violence to reach out and find a safe space at their local salon.