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20th Jul 2023

Over half of Irish people are cutting back on their food spending

Ellen Fitzpatrick

More than half of Irish people have cut down on their food spending due to the cost of living crisis, a new study has shown.

An average of 55% of people are now spending less money on food throughout the country while 60% of people are giving less money to charity due to the economic situation.

According to the 2023 IRIS Global Public Confidence Study, Irish people are now cutting back on donations at a higher rate than the global average, which is 48%.

The Irish average is still less than the UK as 70% of people have reportedly been giving less money to charity during the cost of living crisis.

In other aspects, 22% of Irish people have also cut back on needed medication and over three quarters are dining out less.

76% of households have said they are having greater difficulty making ends meet compared to this time last year.

This is higher than the average for North Europe and North America, but most countries are finding times tough.

44% of Irish people believe the economy is getting weaker, while 25% believe it is getting stronger.

Despite a quarter thinking the economy is getting stringer, over half of Irish people feel the country is heading in the “wrong direction”.

At least a quarter of those surveyed in each participating country believe their homeland is already in recession, but the figure is at 28% for Ireland.

One in seven people in Ireland have now missed a mortgage payment due to the cost of living crisis, which is below the global average of one in five.

Almost 18,000 people across 26 countries took part in the survey, which was part of the 2023 IRIS Global Public Confidence Study. 500 to 1000 adults were interviewed in each country.

Behaviour and Attitudes (B&A), a market research company in Ireland, is among those in the IRIS network that worked on the survey.


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