Over half of parents want more info on treating Covid-19 symptoms in children 6 months ago

Over half of parents want more info on treating Covid-19 symptoms in children

As a parent do you feel fully informed?

Less than half of parents (42 per cent) feel there is enough information on the treatment of Covid-19 symptoms in children.

This is according to research done during the RB ‘Share the Facts’ campaign.

The survey of 454 parents in Ireland, finds that fewer than a third (31 per cent) are confident that they know what the best at home treatments are for Covid-19 symptoms and one in five (21 per cent) admit to being overwhelmed by the information and guidance that is currently out there.

Despite Covid-19 being widely reported around the world, the research finds there is a level of ‘Covid confusion’ among parents with more than a quarter (27 per cent) saying there is too much contradictory information around treating the virus symptoms, like fever in children.

However, while the contradictory information was deemed to be untrue, there is still a level of uncertainty among parents.

30 per cent are confused about whether their children can take ibuprofen to treat potential coronavirus symptoms and this confusion has meant that 21 per cent have left common everyday ailments such as sore throats, nasal or sinus congestion and fever go untreated during the pandemic.


At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, false information appeared in the media which claimed that anyone with confirmed or suspected symptoms of COVID-19 should not take ibuprofen to relieve their symptoms.

This claim has been widely refuted by medical experts and organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the HSE, the HPRA and the NHS in the UK, leading to more confusion.

To help the public better understand the facts and dispel the myths surrounding effective pain management during the Covid-19 pandemic, RB has launched ‘Share the Facts’, a new campaign featuring GP and mum of three Dr. Sinead Beirne.

Dr Sinead Beirne will appear in a video where she will use her clinical expertise to share facts and help dispel myths around effective pain and fever management during Covid-19.

Dr Beirne has said;

"Parents are concerned and they don’t feel confident that they have enough information to be able to treat symptoms of the virus at home. This confusion has had a knock-on effect with other everyday ailments going untreated.

As a mum myself, I know how worrying it is when your child is unwell, and you just want to do the best for them and give them the right treatment."

I have to agree that I too find all the information about how to treat COVID-19 in children confusing which is quite concerning, because as parents we always want to be able to help our children when they are ill.

I'm looking forward to watching Dr Beirne's video and finding out more about what I can do for my child should they get ill with coronavirus.