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21st Nov 2017

RTÉ has announced another way to get your hands on Toy Show tickets

It's worth a try!

Laura Holland

It’s a worth a try.

As we all know, tickets for the Late Late Toy Show are like gold dust. Every year thousands of people apply for tickets in the hopes of getting a seat in the audience. Unfortunately, there are only 200 tickets up for grabs so the chances of getting some are slim.

But, this year, the folks at the Late Late have offered one alternative way of getting tickets, outside of the application form process.

It involves uploading a video of yourself to social media.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of getting your hands on two golden tickets to this year’s Late Late Toy Show is to make a video of you doing whatever it is you do best. Then post it to the RTÉ One or Late Late Facebook pages, or alternatively post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ToyShowTalent.

Commenting on the preparations for the Late Late Toy Show, Ryan Tubridy said:

“We’ve seen the kids, they’re great but we haven’t seen you. You old people in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 900s, we need you to send us footage of you with your Toy Show Talent.

Anything you do: blow a trumpet, bang a drum, tell a joke, as long as it is half way decent, #ToyShowTalent is all you have to do. Send them to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you could find yourself in that audience. Get busy, get goofy and good luck!”

With more than 140,000 applications received for Late Late Toy Show tickets this year, this competition may be your best shot at making sure you’re there on the big night.

The usual terms and conditions apply and audience members must be 18 or over to attend on the night.