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22nd Jun 2022

Hang on – did Kristen Bell just confirm Frozen 3…?

Trine Jensen-Burke

Frozen 3

Please make it happen.

If it was up to Kristen Bell, it would seem that Frozen 3 is set to become a reality in the near future.

Yep, we are talking about turning Frozen into a trilogy – and how it might just be a thing.

Earlier this week Bell made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and after Fallon admitted to the actress that he actually liked Frozen 2 more than the original, Bell hinted that she would actually love to do a Frozen 3.

“Can I say that?” the host asked.

“Of course, you can,” Bell replied, which then prompted Fallon to ask if a third movie might be on its way.

“I would … like to officially announce,” Bell teased with a pause, then continued, “with zero authority, ‘Frozen 3.'”

“Wow,” Fallon replied, followed by a burst of laughter.

Bell, who does the voice of Anna in the series, made it clear that a third “Frozen” movie isn’t official by stating that she’s “not in charge,” repeating she has “zero authority” to announce anything right now. Disappointingly, she also couldn’t confirm if the movie might already be in the works.

“I’ll keep it mysterious,” she said.

However, the one thing that Bell could confirm is that co-star Idina Menzel, who does the voice of Elsa, is more than ready to do the project with her.

“I feel like if we’re all in… what are we waiting for?” she asked.

“Come on, we want it,” Fallon said, and Bell agreed.

Frozen 3 –Elsa is in too

Earlier this month, Menzel herself revealed in an interview that she too would be delighted to do another Frozen movie. The singer said that she hopes “Frozen 3” becomes a reality because she would play Elsa “anytime.”

“I can be 80 and play a blonde animated girl who’s like, 15, who has amazing arms, by the way. I love that about her,” Menzel said with a laugh.

Back in 2019, Bell told People that she loved doing the “Frozen” films because the moral of the story was different from most fairytales.

“The happily ever after is not waiting for a kiss from your prince, which has sort of been the standard in literally every Hollywood movie,” she said. “[Frozen] was about something that was just as deep, if not deeper, which was like the love of family.”