Heartbreak as the body of 'America's Maddie McCann' is finally found 6 years ago

Heartbreak as the body of 'America's Maddie McCann' is finally found

Police in the US have found the remains of a six-year-old girl who vanished in 2012.

The disappearance of Isabel Celis was backed by a high-profile PR and publicity campaign, and the case was often likened to that of Madeleine McCann, the English three-year-old who has been missing since 2007.

The remains of Isabel were discovered a month ago and have just been formally identified via forensic investigations. It is not yet know how she died.

Police in Tucson in Arizona would not say if they had any suspects but did explain: "Obviously this is not the ending that any of us had hoped for, but this is also not the ending of the case.


"We are working this case very aggressively as we would with any case involving the death of a child."

Isabel was last seen April 20, 2012. Her father reported her missing the next morning after finding her bedroom empty.

The subsequent search - carried out by police and volunteers - to find Isabel has certainly been extensive. Indeed, more than 2,200 leads have been investigated by law enforcement in the US.