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22nd Sep 2017

Debate over mums reason for letting daughter wear makeup to school

This mum got slammed on Twitter over comments she made referring to why she continued to let her daughter wear makeup to school.

Mum Jenna Ward came under intense scrutiny by the end of This Morning today.

Twitter users took to expressing their concern and opinions over her 14-year-old daughter wearing makeup to school.

Mum Jenna and headteacher Christine Cunniffee sat side-by-side during the show as it was explained that Jenna’s daughter had been suspended from school as makeup is prohibited yet she continued to wear it.

As the headteacher of her daughter’s school said, “I don’t think make-up goes with school uniform. There are so many pressures for children at the moment that they don’t need another.”

Clearly that didn’t go down well with mum who said that she continued to let her daughter wear makeup, despite the school’s warnings of possible suspension, due to the fact that she had acne.

It was understood that the young girl wore mascara, eyeshadow, concealer and occasionally individual lashes. The presenter of the ITV show, Ruth Langsford then put forward the suggestion that surely if acne was the issue concealer alone would suffice.

From here mum Jenna explained that the makeup helps her daughter with body confidence, which some viewers felt was perhaps moving into a different kind of issue, as she questioned why wearing makeup wasn’t the choice of the child.

Well viewers took to Twitter and pretty much went wild.