Here's who will be on tonight's Late Late Show 5 years ago

Here's who will be on tonight's Late Late Show

New Year, New Late Late.

And there's a fairly decent lineup for it too.

Tonight marks the first Late Late Show of 2018 and in order to celebrate that fact, Tubridy's got on some guests who are all about that #NewYearNewMe vibe.

Well, they've got some plans sorted out for the new year, let's just leave at that.

Operation Transformation presenter Kathryn Thomas will be joining Tubs on the couch to talk about the new leaders on the series.

She's also be discussing her upcoming wedding plans as well as her pregnancy.

First Dates Ireland is also set to make another appearance in 2018, so a few of the show's daters will be showing up to talk all things romance, love, and who is supposed to pay at the end of that bloody meal.


Viewers will find out how one couple got it on, how another failed entirely, and how one pair managed to keep things going despite all the odds being against them.


Also joining Tubridy will be model and Body Aware Project founder Tia Duffy, and Sarah Tyrell, who will both be discussing body positivity and society's judgement of different body sizes.

Teenager Stacey Dineen will also speak candidly about her experiences of bullying and depression.

Celeb hairstylist Trudy Hayes, Valerie Cox, and founders of the Izzy Wheels project will be chatting to Ryan too.

Music will come from Hermitage Green and Patrick Feeney.