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If you feel you need more time to relax while the kids engage in two hours of pure delight, then CBBC has you covered starting this Autumn.

The live entertainment extravaganza, likely to be named Live and Dangerous, is set to be on our screens in September.

The show will entail lots of fun and interaction for kids who can join in on the antics from home—whether it be sending guests their questions or engaging during game time.

Cheryl Taylor, CBBC Controller, said,

"We have been using new technology to connect with the 6-12s for some time now and I'm proud to be in a position to offer unique live participation opportunities which will make CBBC an even more special destination on Saturdays."


Taking inspiration from classic shows such as Going Live! we can expect celebrity guests, a host of games, a range of sketches and lots of slime and goo for hours each weekend.

Hacker—full name Hacker T. Dog—is set to make regular appearances, humouring us with his mischievous ways yet again.

The question as to who will be presenting the show has yet to be answered but it's sure to be a favourite for Saturday morning TV.

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