A #HimThough asks men to take responsibility for their sexual misconduct 5 years ago

A #HimThough asks men to take responsibility for their sexual misconduct

In the past week, sexual harassment and assault allegations have dominated the news.

And in light of this, a new social media movement has occurred.

We have seen women from all parts of the world speak up about sexual harassment and assault, opening up for the first time in their lives about something they have once kept hidden, something they were once afraid to share because they thought they were alone. But now thanks to their bravery and sheer volume, women are saying "enough is enough". Men need to take responsibility for their actions and women need to remember their power and strength to stand strong.

The hashtag #MeToo this week has urged everyone from Reese Witherspoon to America Ferrera to step forward and speak about the sexual assault they endured when they were younger, beginning their careers. The hashtag has served as an opportunity for survivors to come together in solidarity with Witherspoon saying: "I felt less alone this week than I have ever felt."

But now, the spotlight is being put back on the men, but this time for an important reason. Us, the women have shared our stories, have realised our strength in numbers and now it's the men's turn. Why did you do it? "This isn't my burden it's yours" one women wrote, and therefore the hashtag #HimThough is now trending.

Comedian and writer, Devang Pathak has decided to join this movement, and spoke out the other day about when he attempted to use his power to take advantage of a lady friend. He wrote...


With the hope that more men will join the movement, women are not backing down... because why would they? This is a problem that has being going on for far too long and now we speak up. We cannot change the past but we can certainly fix the future... just watch us.




Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan/ Getty Images